Linux: Youtube videos integrated in desktop

May 29th, 2012

Shantz xwinwrap (see previous post) can integrate pretty much any video on the desktop, simply by calling mplayer. In combination with the tool youtube-dl you can also view any youtube videos, directly on the desktop. Without any advertisements. As an example, the following command plays Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Interesting mplayer options are to play the video in black and white, and to mute the sound. Simply change the URL to view any other video.

color, sound:
xwinwrap -g 640x480+100+100 -ov -ni -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mplayer -wid WID -hue 0 -saturation 0 -volume 100 $(youtube-dl -g "")

black and white, muted:
xwinwrap -g 640x480+100+100 -ov -ni -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mplayer -wid WID -hue -100 -saturation -100 -volume 0 $(youtube-dl -g "")

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