Linux: PhD thesis & pdftk command

February 3rd, 2014

thesisRecently I have finished my PhD thesis and sent it to the printer. During the process I have encountered various problems relating to Arabic texts and font issues, page numbering, automatic creation of the list of references, and even more page numbering. As a consequence, creating the thesis, technologically wise, was a joint effort between Windows, Linux, and many different programs:

MS Word 2010
Adobe Acrobat

In order to make the final pdf-file I created a rather impressive command that automatically put most pages together in the right order. Most pages, because 20 pages are not taken into account by the command.

pdftk A="part-2/2-thesis-1.pdf" B="part-2/2-thesis-2.pdf" C="overig/leeg.pdf" D="overig/3-1.pdf" E="overig/3-2.pdf" F="overig/3-3.pdf" G="overig/4-1.pdf" H="overig/4-2.pdf" I="overig/4-3-double.pdf" J="overig/5-1.pdf" K="overig/6-1-double.pdf" L="overig/6-2.pdf" M="overig/8-1.pdf" N="overig/app-quotes.pdf" cat B1-17 C A19 B20-38 A39 B40-71 C A73 B74-92 D2 B94-116 E2 B118 F2 B120-123 C A125 B126-128 G2 B130-132 H2 B134-135 I B138-160 A161 B162-163 J1 B165-193 C A195 B196-197 K B200-218 L2 B220-229 C B231-241 C N C B253-258 M2 B260-261 C B263-276 output part-2.pdf

See for the result:

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